COVID-19 Vaccine

Still Wondering How to Get Your COVID Vaccine?

As of Tuesday, March 9, the State of Oklahoma has begun Phase 3 of the COVID-19 vaccination distribution plan. This group includes teachers and students aged 18 and older as well as essential workers outlined in the Oklahoma Essential Industries List (see attachment). Now that more people are eligible to receive this vaccine, we wanted to share with our patients and their families some resources to assist in arranging their vaccination appointments. Below are links to help in scheduling appointments for COVID-19 vaccinations:

As of right now, Walgreens and CVS pharmacies are not sites for receiving COVID vaccines in the State of Oklahoma. However, we will provide links to those sites as well in case they do become available as options in the future.

If you are having difficulty find a day, time or location for your vaccination, you can also sign up for text message or email alerts at

This site will send notifications which will let you know that appointments have been made available. It can be useful to those who are experiencing difficulties with booking appointments due to all available slots being taken.

Please be patient if you are having difficulties scheduling your appointment; more spaces will become available as time passes. Also, be advised that the providers at Kidney Specialists of Central Oklahoma are encouraging our patients and their families to receive this vaccine if they are able. Lastly, we are frequently asked if our doctors prefer one vaccine over another (Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson and Johnson, etc.). The answer is ‘no’, if you have an opportunity to receive a vaccine you should do so regardless of the manufacturer.

As always, please call our office or contact us through our website if you have any questions.

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