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​Patient Education For Kidney ​Conditions

Most people have two kidneys, each about the size of a fist, located on either side of the spine at the lowest level of the rib cage. Each kidney contains up to a million functioning units called nephrons.

​Patient Education For Kidney ​Conditions

​The kidneys are very crucial organs that perform a number of important functions in the body which include:

  • ​Cleaning the blood by removing waste products
  • ​Regulating the fluid balance of the body
  • ​Regulation of the chemical balance in the body, for example, sodium, potassium, acid and base balance, etc
  • ​Regulation of the calcium, phosphorus and  Vitamin D metabolism and hence bone health in the body
  • ​Regulation of blood pressure
  • ​Make hormones that stimulate the bone marrow to make red blood cells

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