Nerw Clonic in Stillwater

New Clinic Opening Soon in Stillwater

Kidney Specialists of Central Oklahoma will soon be offering patients living in the Stillwater area the opportunity to be seen closer to home. Our Practice knows all too well that, for patients living outside of the Oklahoma City limits, it can be difficult and time-consuming to travel for your appointments with your nephrologist. And so, we are happy to now make things a little easier for you by cutting down your travel distance and giving you back some time in your schedule.

Our new Stillwater Clinic, located just south of 6th Avenue, is planned to be open to patients starting in April. For our patient’s convenience, we have chosen a location which is within walking distance of a Diagnostic Laboratories of Oklahoma branch since some visits with your provider may end with a visit to the lab. A common concern among patients is navigating a confusing hospital setting and finding a place to park; we want to alleviate these concerns by informing you that, in Stillwater, we will be in our own building with its own parking lot.

As is the case with most of our Practice locations, not all of our physicians will be seeing patients in Stillwater. Currently, the two providers going to Stillwater will be Dr. Sujan Pathak and Dr. Brad Long. We plan on being in Stillwater once a week as the doctors’ schedules allow. If you are an established patient of Dr. Pathak or Dr. Long and would like to have your next appointment in Stillwater, please call our office at 405-942-5442 and we can make these arrangements. If you are a new patient living in the Stillwater area and would like to schedule with either of these doctors, please call our office or contact us through our website.

As always, our staff is ready to assist you with any questions you might have at 405-942-5442. Starting in April, all providers at Kidney Specialists of Central Oklahoma will be back to seeing patients in the office on a full-time basis. However, we will still be offering telemedicine for patients whose insurance is still able to reimburse for the visit. If you have specific questions as to what your insurance provider will pay for at your telemedicine visit, we encourage you to reach out to them as they will be able to provide you with answers. As always, we are here to help; so if you need any further information about your appointments please give our office a call at 405-942-5442.

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