Kidney Function Calculator

Chronic Kidney Disease affects more than 10% of Americans; that comes out to roughly 30,000,000 people. However, don’t let this statistic scare you; kidney disease can come in various stages ranging from Stage 1 which is slight or non-existent to Stage 5 which is the last stage before kidney failure. Knowledge of where you fall on this spectrum could assist you in making life choices which could halt the progression of the disease. The providers of Kidney Specialists of Central Oklahoma have recently been made aware of a website which can assist their patients with knowing where they fall on the scale of kidney disease progression. This site,, has plenty of information on the causes, stages and statistics of kidney disease and is very comprehensive when it comes to information about kidney failure.

A most useful tool for our patients to take advantage of is the Risk Calculator, which is the centerpiece of the website.  This easy-to-use program will let you know within minutes which stage, if any, you are currently experiencing when it comes to kidney disease. Once you have your results, you will also be given information regarding what to expect over the next 5 years when it comes to progression and what you can do to slow or even stop progression. The only information you will need to provide for this calculator are your age, gender, GFR and urine: creatinine ratio. If you do not know your GFR and urine: creatinine ratio, this information can be obtained in the lab results section of your MyChart as all Kidney Specialists of Central Oklahoma will order labs frequently which determine these values.

All patients of Kidney Specialists of Central Oklahoma are given a MyChart at their first visit with the Practice. You can access your MyChart though our website and view lab results, send messages to your providers and manage your appointments. If you are not sure of your MyChart login information, please call the office at 405-942-5442 and one of our staff members will be happy to assist you.

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