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This information should only be used if indicated by your doctor with specific instructions to follow a fluid restriction.

Your kidneys help balance the fluid level in your body. When your kidneys don't work, it is harder to keep the right fluid balance. Your doctor may ask you to monitor your fluid intake or be on a specific fluid restriction. Excessive fluid intake may cause swelling, shortness of breath, or high blood pressure. Fluids are foods that are liquid at room temperature.

All of the foods listed below count toward your fluid intake:

•  Coffee & Tea
•  Sodas
•  Milk, cream, and liquid creamer
•  Ice Chips & ice cubes
•  Soups
•  Water for drinking and taking medications
•  Popsicles
• Ice cream, sherbets, and sorbets
•  Gelatin
•  Juices, both fruit and vegetable

If your doctor advises you to decrease the daily amount of fluid intake, these tips may help you:

​•  Use less salt in your diet which will make you feel less thirsty.
•  Drink only when thirsty; do not drink out of habit or to be social.
•  Ice chips (measure them out in a cup).
•  Chew on sugar free gum or suck on sugar free hard candy.
•  Drink from small cups or glasses.
•  Use a measuring cup full of water to learn how many ml or ounces your coffee mug, juice glass, and regular glass holds.
•  Using a measuring cup, measure out your whole fluid amount for the day and place it into a container. During the day drink only from this container so you can get a good feel for how to stay within your fluid amount.
•  Each day fill a jar equal to daily fluid limit, each time you drink pour that amount out of the jar. This will help you see how much fluid you have left and spread out your fluids evenly throughout the day.
•  Rinse your mouth with cold water or swish mouth wash and spit it out.

​Below is a chart that can help you convert different units of measure:

1 liter

4.2 cups

34 ounces

1000 ml

1 quart

4 cups

32 ounces

​960 ml

1 pint

2 cups

16 ounces

​480 ml

1/2 pint

1 cup

8 ounces

​240 ml

2 tsps

1/8 cup

​1 ounce

​30 ml

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